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Dignity Action Day 2019 Writing Competition

Aspire Carers keep Lily afloat!

Despite being 94 years of age, Lily Ball still manages to enjoy a busy life with the support of Aspire Home Carers. I joined Aspire…

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Angela- May 2016

What was life like before Aspire? Angela lived alone at home, was terminally ill but wanted to stay as independent as possible. She wanted to…

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Real life case studies. Edith January 2016

What was life like before Aspire? Edith lived at home with her husband, who had become her main carer after a private carer had proved…

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Continuing Care

What is continuing care? NHS continuing healthcare is a package of ongoing care that is arranged and funded by the NHS where the individual has…

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What causes dementia?

Alzheimer’s disease is the best known type of dementia. Half of all people with dementia have this condition, in which brain cells are damaged and…

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Improving Dementia Care

Aspire Home Carers is a small and privately run homecare company that focuses on providing caring and compassionate care to elderly people, particularly those with…

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