What was life like before Aspire?

Angela lived at home alone, was terminally ill but wanted to remain as independent as possible. She wanted to be at home and needed reliable carers that would be able to increase the number of calls when the need arose. This would allow her to remain in her own home until the end. She was also looking for a company where she could have the same carers as much as possible so that she would not need to worry about who would be entering her home.


What did Aspire do?

Aspire wanted Angela to feel in control of her care and allow her to be as independent as she wanted and was possible. Her carers were introduced to her as her calls were increased from once a day to four times a day. Her dignity was preserved whilst she was given the support that she wanted and needed to remain in her own home. We worked alongside the  district and palliative care nurses to ensure she received the best possible care and was comfortable at all times.


What was the outcome?

Angela was able to remain at home until the end of her life, just as she wished.  Her family were able to spend quality time with her during this time and got to know the carers by name. They felt supported and grateful for the care that was provided and all the carers Angela’s funeral service.