Melanie Gadd

Home Carer

How have you used your experience to help clients?

My life experience both in a personal and professional capacity has taught me to treat each client as an individual with their own needs, no "one size fits all". It takes time to build a trusting relationship. Our clients are inviting us into their home and we should respect that. We see them at their most vulnerable, at their best and their worst and we often become part of their family.

Interests outside of work

Free time?! What's that?? I am mad about 80's pop culture and so anything related I love! I go away with my friends from school to Butlins every year to enjoy 80's Music weekends and have been on 2 amazing cruises! Attending festivals with 80's icons performing is a regular event and during lockdown, we have been enjoying online 80's music quizzes! My family love to dress up in 80's fashion too, I have an 80's wardrobe that is growing rapidly!