Georgia Lamberton

Senior Carer

How have you used your experience to help clients?

I like to think I go the extra mile with clients. One example springs to mind when I went to visit a client and she didn’t answer her doorbell and I couldn’t get in. So I went to find the house manager who let me in. Peggy had fallen and was bleeding from her head. I called an ambulance and waited with Peggy for the ambulance to come. I kept in touch with the paramedic on the phone to see if I could give Peggy her medication and kept her calm while waiting for the ambulance. I find my job hugely rewarding and enjoy making a difference in our clients' lives.

Interests outside of work

In my spare time and on my weekends off my niece likes to come round for a sleepover which is always chaos and lots of fun. I love taking the dog for long walks, with my Mum and when the weather is nice I love having a soak in our hot tub!