Kiri Field 

Field Care Supervisor – Aspire Homecare

Key responsibilities:

I work with a core list of clients every week and look after their daily needs. Every day in my job is different and I love meeting a variety of people from varying backgrounds. Everyone has a story to tell, and everyone has something they can teach you and I love listening to people tell theirs.

Experience prior to Aspire:

I have worked in domiciliary care for 5 years and in that time, I have cared for the elderly, children and young adults with varying disabilities from physical to learning disabilities

How have you used your experiences to help clients?

Through my work I have met people that have stared adversity in the face and beat it back with a broom and the thought that I have had a part in someone's life no matter how small makes me smile and believe that what I do worthwhile which gives me a lot job satisfaction.

Interests outside of work:

In my spare time my favourite thing to do is having fun and being silly with my children. We enjoy going on walks and adventures in the woods and exploring places. I love music and my children and I are all learning to play the piano although my children play a lot better than I do! I also love to read and watch films in particular horrors, science fiction/fantasy and true crime.