Roger Waluube

Founder Director of Aspire Home Carers


As the director for the business, my main purpose is to support vulnerable people to make their world a better place, whilst making a direct impact on the wider community.
I want to ensure that my team offer the best possible home care service to our community and we want to provide specialist care for those with dementia as we know how important it is for people to remain at home as long as possible before they consider full time residential care. Aspire Home Carers is there to make that a reality. As a Dementia Friends Champion I am committed to learning more, and leading continuous improvement in standards of dementia care,  but also through seeking opportunities to share best practice across the care sector, and developing partnerships which will have benefit across. communities.


After completing my law degree, I went on to complete several post graduate qualifications in management and healthcare and have enjoyed developing my education alongside my career.

What made you launch Aspire Homecare?

When I bought Pelham House Care Home in Folkestone, Kent in 2010, I achieved a lifetime ambition to own and run a successful business in social sector. Since owning the home, which we have built with great success, it was clear that there was a need for improved dementia home care services within the area. So in 2014 I decided to launch Aspire Homecare which we have grown, year on year, and both businesses now have a good CQC rating.

Experience prior to starting Aspire Homecarers?

Before buying Pelham House Care Home and launching Apsire Homecarers my experience was mostly within the NHS and in management consultancy. After graduating from the University of Bath, I began my career as a Graduate National Management Trainee, before working for several NHS Foundation Trusts to improve services across areas including Orthopaedics and Women’s and Children’s Services. Wanting to further hone my management skills, knowledge, and experience, I joined Ernst and Young, leading management programmes focussed on driving performance and efficiency in Primary Care Trusts. I returned to the NHS as an interim manager and director with expertise in key transformational areas such as performance improvement, service development and cost improvement programmes.

How have you used your knowledge to help a client?

I have a very hands on approach to the care services both my businesses provide and am always on hand to offer support and direction wherever needed. My door is always open for residents or family members to come and have a cuppa and chat if they need assistance in any way. The same applies to all my team and they know they only need to pop by or pick up the phone and I will help them resolve any issues they have. I try to get to know as many clients personally as I can as I think the personal touch is so important. In recent months during lockdown, I ended up filling in with cleaning duties, medication administration, handyman jobs and ran deliveries of PPE and other supplies to the homecare team whenever needed.

Outside of work, what are your interests?

I am a bit of a fitness fanatic and like to compete in triathlons which takes quite a bit of training, but it is something I love and is important for my own wellbeing. I love spending time with my young family, and we enjoy skiing holidays whenever we can and fishing trips when I get downtime!